still very much pregnant

Hello all!

I am currently on Hospitalization leave and will continue to officially start Maternity Leave next Monday, 25th Jan. Am now full term already alhamdulillah @ 37 weeks, EDD will be on CNY, 7th Feb. It’s basically waiting game now. My little bub’s at approximately 2.6kg already when we last had our checkup last week. Next checkup will be in two weeks’ time! My gynae even said it’ll be either a checkup or delivery by then! oooooommmggggg!

Please make du’a for me that I shall have a smooth and easy labour, in sha Allah. Been having sleepless nights already due to the very bad backache and frequent toilet trips, so thank goodness I’m staying put at home now. My husband and I have started to go on evening walks once in awhile, and I find myself panting and stopping every 10-15mins? There’d be tingling sensation down thereeeee, I tell you. Not sure what it exactly means. Trying my best not to google alot of nonsense. hahahah.

I have my stroller and breastpump still pending to be bought. Stroller I think we will buy after pantang? or end of the month? Breastpump pulak I’m still very confused which brand to purchase – Spectra or Medela? Any recommendations, moms?


2 thoughts on “still very much pregnant

  1. champagneandtiffany says:

    My EDD will be approximately a week after yours! All the best babe..may you have a smooth delivery..insyaAllah! Can’t help but feel anxious eh on what will happen during labour.

    Anyway, I just bought Spectra M1 breastpump based on recommendations. Heard lotsa good review on it. Might want to consider it 😀

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