Biggest Bestest Birthday Gift

  Ever since I got married, I got lazy updating this space. But here’s what that’s been happening lately.

This space will be the first platform for me to announce this:

15th June 2015 – the day I turned quarter of a century old, the very same day that I know my life will change, forever.

Our lives, honey.

Allah has granted me this beautiful gift. Funny enough, days/weeks prior to my birthday, my husband kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and all I said was “I just want to have a forever with you.”

Yea, cliche. But boy did I know He had it all planned.

Prior to taking the test on Monday morning at 645am(I took the test right after my husband left for work. Plus they encouraged to test with first morning pee?), I was down with severe diarrhoea since Friday. My period was already due about a week ago, but I didn’t have any thought that I could be pregnant. Though my period cycle has been very accurate and regular, since I got married, the month before, I was nine days late. I took a test – then it said negative. So we moved on.

So this whole diarrhoea made me thought I had very bad food poisoning – it was really bad guys, I kept going to the loo a total of at least 6 times a day. Every time I swallowed something, even water, it made me want to shit.

My husband and I had a casual talk before on whether he would want to be there with me at the time where I’d take the pregnancy test, and he said no. He wanted me to surprise him. Yelah tu.

The test happened so quickly! The double lines were so prominent within seconds. I remember vividly the moment the second line started to appear, I was an emotional wreck already – in a good way, of course. I just, couldn’t believe it. I am growing a life in me. We are going to have a baby! I continued crying for a good ten mins, was so tempted to hint my husband to bunk work, was so tempted to take a bus that morning to show my parents my pregnancy test. But I controlled eh. I waited for my husband to reach home(thank god he was on half day that day!), even planned to “suprise” him, but obviously failed ah. I shall not continue on my failed surprise story ah k. All I can say is he was even more of an emotional wreck than me. Member kept weeping, bro. It was such a funny yet touching sight seeing him cry and laugh like that. It was such a warm feeling, knowing this man I married is ecstatic to become a dad.

I was 5 weeks long when I found out, and now I’m 14 weeks 2 days long.

We booked an appointment with our chosen gynae, Dr Aziz @ Parkway East Hospital. His clinic is at Kembangan Plaza. He is the same gynae that delivered me and my brother. lol.

Here’s how our little something was when we went for our first scanning @ almost 9 weeks:

My husband also has been taking bumpie shots of me (we missed Week 11 cos  I had bad morning sickness).

How has my pregnancy journey been?

MasyaAllah, beautiful.

Sure, it came along with vomiting, cramping(worse than period cramps), lost of appetite to eat, banyak la, but I am not complaining. When I hear our baby’s heartbeat, saw our baby squirming and growing actively in me, ah, that’s bliss.

Pray for me k, insyaAllah.


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