19th April 2015 // #jazlixnatasha

If I could re-marry(with the same man, of course) and re-live our wedding day, I really would.
Just minus all the finances tho, lol.

There are days(or weird times) that I really miss our wedding.
I really won’t have it done in any other way, except for our videography company – another post ah eh this one.

Oh, and also our kadi. Pfft.

Our Akad Nikah was the highlight for me personally. I have never felt so many gushing emotions all at a time on that day, at that very moment. I was very thankful that my mom was there right next to me trying her very best to calm me down tho I know it was not very easy for her too as she was as equally nervous and shaking, and my girls too.

That day Went by soooo damn fast, I tell you. It almost felt like, “what the hell, I waited months and months for this day, and it went by this fast?!”

Not kidding.

Maybe cos we had an all-in-a-day event(akad nikah and receptions for both side on one day), things were chaotic, everything was like chop-chop, and we were done.

We were really exhausted that we decided to skip our cake cutting sessions. Yes, THAT tired can you imagine?
We action-action cut only for photo taking sake. Secretly also cos I know my own speech that I have prepared will destroy my beautiful makeup. Hahah. Luckily Zul and Aslan(our outsourced videographers) decided to interview us before our whole wedding started and made us say our vows for our wedding video. Phew.

I don’t have many photos to share cos official photos are out end month(I think), but here’s some!



And just like that, with a blink of an eye, we are finally #mrmrsjazli

Syukur alhamdulillah.


2 thoughts on “19th April 2015 // #jazlixnatasha

  1. the wedding kraken says:

    wow your macaron tower!!! I totes agree with the day happening so quickly. too quickly! and ok I couldn’t help but feel relieved that your official photos are ready end month – mine too! my parents have been bugging and I dunno how to explain that zaman sekarang edit photos lain from orang dulu cuci filem! meh. anyhoos, salam Ramadhan to you babe. the first to many more to come (insyaAllah) as wives 🙂

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