As we speak…

 I am nursing a high fever since Sunday with the highest being at 39.3 (been three days now), am on MC since Monday. Sigh.

BUT! guess what! We are ELEVEN sleeps away to our wedding! Masya’Allah!

I think we have pretty much completed 90% now. I am left with the final touches for our dulangs, bunga rampai and finish cleaning up my room and some other misc stuffs.

My official leave starts next Friday, on the 17th. Henna will be on that same night.

Am I excited? I am STOKED. But when you ask me upfront, I’ll be stumped. I don’t have the exact words to describe how I’m feeling as we are counting down the days. Maybe, not yet.

Ok longer stories later, one last one before I officially become a Mrs. HEHEHEHE.

I’m actually feeling groggy already, guess the medication has kicked in and it’s a sign for me to hit the sack. Meanwhile, I will leave some of pre wed shots taken on 27th Mar – photos by NAFIMAGES.

     Almost there, baby. Insya’Allah!  😉


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