Dugaan // Nothing can ever be perfect

39 days to the wedding, ya Allah. I just don’t know how to explain this feeling!

As of now, we have quite a fair bit of things to complete still, but really taking our own sweet time. I have yet to complete our dulang hantarans (sejadah and telekung belum beli lagi hais), bunga rampai (still no idea yet), bilik belum kemas (tak kemas boleh tak? macam nak angkat and buang everything ah), invitations belum start giving out pun hahahah.

What is bugging us the most is this oneeeeee vendor of ours. Kita mcm skeptical pulak dengan dorang. Nak backout, mcm too late, plus deposit made is more than 50% dah. Tawakkal je ah, that’s all we can do for now.

Jaz keeps reminding me that we can’t have everything we want, nothing can ever be perfect. True. So I’m trying to keep calm and remain positive, and just hope for the best.

Kita da nak kahwinnnnnnnnn oiiiii!!!


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