Pending // About a month plus or so

ONE LAST PAYCHECK OF WEDDING FUND, AFTER THIS, WE ARE DONEEEEEEEEEEE! (actually not really ah, need to shop for our home pulak -.- never ending sia this saving thingy)

I’ve been singing and shouting, “its the final countdownnnnnnnn” every time I see Jaz. Hahahahahah I’ve never been THIS excited lately.

So anyhoo, updates on the wedding:

  •  ROMM interview – CHECKED
  • wedding cake(sort of) – CHECKED
  • fittings for Jaz – CHECKED
  • start on Jaz gubahans – CHECKED
  • start on playlist – CHECKED
  • draft wedding itinerary – CHECKED
  • both our wedding shoes – CHECKED
  • site recce, floor plan – CHECKED
  • berkat – CHECKED

We are down to the last SEVEN weekends(including tmr) to settle these:

  • bridesmaids’ outfit
  • change nikah venue
  • buy bedding and curtain
  • final fittings
  • settle dulang items
  • complete our DIY gubahans
  • start on DIY bunga rampai
  • start mailing out our invitations
  • pre wedding photoshoot!!!

That’s all I can think of right now. Am I missing anything? I sometimes feel so lost, like there are so many other pending things, but I cannot think of any.

Ade tak?

#51sleeps to #jazlixnatasha


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