Our wedding Itinerary // all-in One day event

I’ve decided to share this, who knows it might help any of you who’s planning to have the same itinerary as me.

Way before this, we actually settled for a two-day event(nikah on Saturday and both receptions on Sunday), but my parents wants to be penat and complete the majlis all in a day’s work.

CaptureI cannot imagine how busy we will be that day, but Insya’Allah, may it all go smoothly.

Jaz and I are NOT having a combined wedding, his reception will be about 30mins drive away from mine. So our timekeepers will really have to be strict with us about the timing.

Hope this helps, ladies! Happy planning!  

As we “speak”, we are 67 days away from the wedding. whuutttttttttt!


7 thoughts on “Our wedding Itinerary // all-in One day event

  1. kefreenhyda says:

    Hey dear,I super uber love this can I adopt similar itinerary like yours ? TIA dear . You must be feeling eggcited = ) 67 days pejam pelik boom da smp date wedding you hehe.


    • Tash. says:

      Yep I did, I actually told them the truth that I didn’t want to wear their repetitive outfits. I was looking for a traditional songket outfit(their non-designer collection) and even asked if they’re bringing in new ones, but they said no new collection coming, so I jumped lor. 😉

      • ariescinderella says:

        ouww i’m considering to jump ship too but not the bridal part..very hard decision though whether shud I waste my deposit on my current vendor and signed up with a new one.. :/

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