Well hello 2015!

I realized that I haven’t posted anything about my interesting year 2014. Truth be told, it was the most difficult year I’ve had since…O levels? Seriously. I don’t remember juggling and going through a lot in such a short span of time(ok la maybe twelve months isn’t really that short, but you get it). Times were hard and tough, but there were also times that were breezy and survive-able. And we survived, alhamdulillah.

Few main things on my list were:

1. Maintain and spend more time with my family and friends that really matter
2. Embark and diversify myself in my career
3. Planning our home
4. And of course, our very big day!

I think my list is pretty straight-forward and obvious, judging by the many posts in this blog.

Started 2014 by landing myself a new job – which I never thought I’ll be having as my career, to be in this trade – and at the same time, really enjoying it. I’ve had, somewhat three full time jobs prior to this current one, and they’re all from different industries. Banking, airline and telecommunications(all not in order). I guess for most of us the dreams we’ve had when we were younger, were really just a bunch of dreams once we’ve really seen the real world especially here in Singapore. I had to “make do” and find a job that I could easily “fit in” and not dread and drag myself to work every morning. And after three tries, I’m confident to say that I’ve found the right fit for myself.


I think my girls by now should know the kind of person I am. I’m a very family-oriented person, and I’m very blessed that they understand that about me. But ever since the idea of settling down came about, I’ve been spending even more time with my family. My mom will always come into my room, every single night before bed, to have small little chats with me. every single night. I treasure moments like this with my mother. She really is my bestfriend. Every weekend we will have family breakfasts + lunch outside, my parents have been playing such a HUGE part in our preparations, we cannot be anymore thankful. When my emo days are here, I can be quite a dramaqueen and just cry my eyes out. I cannot, CANNOT imagine the day of our akad. But hey, I may be someone’s wife, but I’m always their one and only babygirl. Plus, I’ll be only two stops away from home. 😉

As for the third and last in my list, let me just end it with this photo below.


we are just one hundred and one days away from embarking our new journey #jazlixnatasha in #homelikehipsters.


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