Baby steps // Humble abode



To have a home, is an achievement.

To have a home with renovations done without any loans, is another hugeee achievement.

Syukur Alhamdulillah, ya Allah.

Never crossed our minds to be able to do this, but look where we are now.

We will start painting our home during the long CNY break. Appliances and furniture will be bought slowly after our short honeymoon cos now takut budget lari and we want to ensure we won’t owe wedding vendors any payment.

Phew, not an easy feat I tell you!


13 thoughts on “Baby steps // Humble abode

    • Tash. says:

      congrats on your wedding babe!

      hmm, we saved quite a bit by getting different things done by different contractor/id.

      total damage costed us about 12k(max). we spent it on the hob,hood,oven,water heater,electrical works/points,lighting,paint,kitchen cabinet(with bases), door kerbs and flooring.

      if you know of anyone that can fix the lights for you, you’ll save alot on that. cos one point costs quite a sum.

      hope this helps!

      if you need my breakdown, or recommendation(cheh), lemme know! i’ll drop you a mail 🙂

  1. aida says:

    Wah move in condition already! So exciting! I haven’t even started my reno yet. But soon! Looking to move in in March. Happy new year neighbour! 🙂

    • Tash. says:

      not fully done tho! simple-simple je dulu! tapi i cant move in yet till the wedding la hahahahah. good luck with yours babe! and likewise, HNY neighbour! 😉

  2. xoizzyfauzy says:

    hello tasha, is it okay if I know the breakdown of the costs and which reno company you engage? thanks a lot! anyway congrats on your new home! best nya dah tak payah worry about the house..

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