Home // Progress

As of last weekend(first week of Dec)




 They came to deliver the flooring on Friday morning, and by Saturday evening, our flooring for the whole house is completed! How efficient! We are pending for them to complete the skirtings now though. They had to order a set of new ones because they didn’t have enough in their factory. So, please don’t mind the comot corners.

We are so happy that our choice turned out so great! It’s really beautiful!(to our liking la) It already feels so homely and cozy even it’s still bare state.

Our kitchen cabinet is on its way, they’re installing it in the coming week or so. We have no worries about that because we’re getting it done through an ID, so that’s pretty much covered and well organized.

After the cabinets are done, we can finally move on the last part – painting! That will be our weekend activity. All appliances and furnitures, we will start buying bit by bit after our wedding. For now, we shall all just roll and laze around the house. Hehehehehe.

Alhamdulillah for everything. 


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