All-in one day Itinerary // Nikah + Sanding

Hello everyone!

Do you have an all-in one day itinerary that I can refer to as a sample for my own wediing reception?
Nikah and Sanding all in one day – Nikah starts at 10am, insyaAllah. 

We need to start finalizing the itinerary already.

So, if you do, pleaseeee kindly share it with me at

Thank you! Oh ya! It’s a non-combined event, and we have three outfits!


6 thoughts on “All-in one day Itinerary // Nikah + Sanding

  1. Mimi says:

    Hi babe! Just wondering if you managed to get your itinerary done? I’m actually looking for ideas for a 1 day event (nikah + sanding on BOTH sides on same day). Everyone’s telling me it’s super rushing! Any idea if it’s possible?

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