// verdict on – did we jump ship?

the last entry was one of the hot topics ever discussed throughout our wedding preps! thank you each and everyone of you for your input, it really helped me alot! i did not delete that entry, i just privatised it to not have any conflict of interest.

i did the same and asked opinions from two of my most important people/decision makers –

my mother and madasa(my cousin).

here’s the story. Peti Solek was the first vendor we had enquired and intended to book. but last year, they had informed us that they were unavailable on our wedding date. bummer, i know.

so, we went ahead with Plan B – Ishq by Nora Zee. at that point of time, i think Ishq was pretty new in the industry and like any other bride, their make up touch to me was the bomb! so ala-ala malaysian wedding style.

i shall not get into details of how our very first appointment went, or the process of booking an appointment with her even. i am the sort to not bear grudges, so i easily brushed things off and tried to be positive about the whole booking with Ishq.

then, like most btbs out there, i got pretty annoyed every time i see a repetitive outfit on almost every weekend! jaz started to get annoyed at how baggy and messy the grooms outfit were, he started to whine a little. pffft. its not a good sign if the man starts to make noise k.

i decided to follow my instincts to drop PetiSolek an email(about two weeks ago), trying out my luck to see if they were open on my date still. one week passed, no news. so i like pasrah already. i totally forgot abt it till THAT DAY.


we were on leave the very next day to run some errands for our home reno and told PetiSolek that we are free to come down for appointment. and just our luck yet again, they had an available slot for us! suiiii la. syukur alhamdulillah.

my mom gave the green light and approval that PetiSolek’s outfits are non-repetitive and gorgeous, and makeup wise, its still not too bad. and madasa topped it off by reminding me that ishq and i started on the wrong path anyway. i did enquire with ishq if they are bringing in new collections, but they said only designer pieces, not their non-designer songkets.

soooo, yeap.

IMG_2959.JPGyou can guess already by now lor. hehehehehe.

inshaAllah, may everything fall into place and we will look aaahhhhmaazziiinnng on our wedding day!


19 thoughts on “// verdict on – did we jump ship?

  1. lovevintagebride says:

    Most of us is taking PSTBR which is AWESOME!!! It’s nice to hear from each other about their journey especially bridal. But yours is on 19 April and you get them recently,u are so lucky dear. Happy for u! Welcome to the club! But u married first among us. hehe.

    • Tash. says:

      it really is a last minute thing actually! we are being positive abt this and telling ourselves that maybe it really is our rezeki to be with PetiSolek instead. thank you babe! and you too, welcome to the club! heheheh

  2. Mimi says:

    Hi babe, it’s me again sorry! Haha, would you mind sharing a little bit about what happened between you and ISHQ? i’m about to book them, but have been hearing quite a number of stories! 😦 don’t know if i should now

    • Tash. says:

      DPDP ah babe, i tak nak badmouth dorang cos maybe not everyone has the same experience. maybe you should have an appt with her for the first time and follow your heart? 🙂

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