Venue kena rejected

one after another.

got a call from our chosen CC that our application has been denied because they’re holding a CC event on our wedding date.


i need suggestions, girls.

i have called the CCs below but they’re all either booked or currently undergoing major upgrading works.

  • tampines central
  • tampines north
  • eunos
  • kampong ubi
  • pasir ris east
  • pasir ris elias

Tampines West and Bedok can only be booked three months prior to our wedding, but I’m not willing to take the risk.

I texted Elly Wedding to mengadu nasib, and told her worst case scenario is to hold our wedding at my void deck or my new MPH at our new place, but she said Elly Weddings are not doing void decks already. meh.


pssst, I’m on mc due to bad cough and high fever(which has subsided alhamdulillah),thats why i can post one after another. lol.


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