our cement floors are finally completed by HDB, about almost two weeks ago.

#homelikehipsters – simply means that we will decorate and beautify our home, at our own pace, according to our liking, no theme in mind. we didn’t want to start our marriage with loans and whatnots, so we decided to build up our home from scratch, bit by bit. hence, nothing major will be done just yet. we will just make do with what we have, bearing in mind that our wedding is still our main priority for now. we”ll make sure that every payment for our wedding will be made on time and we won’t owe anyone anything. 😉

and since we want to have a functional home by the time we get married, we are focusing on the important areas first! thankfully, the bathrooms are not bad looking, so we will just add some of our own touches to it. painting will start next year ah, during CNY holiday or something. must maintain our budget for now. lol.

what we have completed now are:

  • functional floors
  • lights and ceiling fans installed!
  • storage heater
  • kitchen base completed

met up with our ID for our kitchen cabinet last weekend and have already placed the first payment with them. we even chose the cabinet colors already ah! hahahah. aiseyman. need to meet up with the electrician to run some new wiring points in the kitchen for our oven, and then the carpentry will take place. got our Baron single sink already(in the bomb shelter already! hahahah super kiasu sia), already placed a deposit for our hob+hood+oven package.

pretty much functional, don’t you think?

later i share more photos, k?


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