About a month and a half to go for my very first fitting for my customized dresses – nikah and reception.

End of the month(I think), the team will start looking for the materials and then, the whole process will start.

I’ve been personally texting my designer and telling her what and how I want my dresses to be, to check with her that she still remembers my desired designs. I hope she doesn’t find me a bridezilla. I just want to be sure that I’ll get what I’m paying for, that’s all. I’ve had bad experiences with pretty much all tailors I’ve been to, that’s why I’m investing on these for our wedding.

So, it has to be worth it, insya’Allah.

Prolly will have to make a few trips down before the final result, tho. that’s the leceh part. very time consuming, actually.

Excited, nervous, anxious, the whole shebang. Told Jaz he can’t be there for my final fitting.

Surprise la konon kan?

And nope, when I said FM, it’s not Fatimah Mohsin.



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