Not-so-satisfied stain


I got this ready-mixed Inai Mekah from FB, this lady imports them in from Malaysia. So I bought a packet meant for capping. I didn’t use it as full cappings though, I applied on the back of left fingers.

I was supposed to leave it on for hours, but I pantat gatal want to sleep, so these were the results after 55mins of applying.


but in all honesty, I give up already leh on my quest in finding the perfect shade of red henna. sigh.


3 thoughts on “Not-so-satisfied stain

  1. Norah says:

    As salam dear, usually for this inai mekah kan, from what i know u cannot pakai sekali jer..kene dua kali…
    They are unlike those indian kind of henna yang u only wear it for a few hrs lepas tu dia merah giler (like dark stains) but very fast to fade,,,
    this one u must use it buat tido..haha! and then the next night apply lagi sleep baru can see the results.
    But for almost an hour of usage to get that colour kira ok lah tu šŸ™‚
    part kuku memang susah nak merah but many uses those inai for kuku to darken it..
    hope this info helps coz that’s what my aunt did for my kakak and adek for their wedding..
    and the henna lambat nak fade….

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