Eye Spy Love // Gubahans

I remembered having so much joy DIY-ings my dulang hantarans during my engagement, that I DIY-ed both our gift exchanges. Not that I had a choice, but also because Jaz and I didn’t want to waste unnecessarily on things which we can do on our own.

That being said, the initial plan was to do the same for our wedding. But work has been taking such a toll on us, I almost knew we needed an extra pair of hands to help us with the gubahans. I cannot, repeat, CANNOT, be doing the gubahans on my own for us both, cos I simply have other DIYs to settle.

Then, lo and behold, syukur alhamdulillah, let me introduce you to our life savior, the talented fresh people that’s going to help Jaz do his gubahans to me.


come I share some photos with you all first k?



I was really touched when Ana dropped me an email, wanting to be part of our wedding preps. THANK YOU ANA!

I honestly feel that her gubahans are simple and fresh, even Jaz approves of them!

Can’t wait to meet them to discuss and finalise things! heheheh.

If you girls/guys want to engage her, you can contact her at :


good luck on this new venture of yours, Ana!


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