// pening on the pendings

For our wedding:

  • to have or not to have a Photobooth
  • to have or not to have a Cake Cutting session
  • to have or not to have a bed frame
  • to have a pre or post wedding photoshoot
  • to finalize decor theme/color
  • to finalize my customized outfits (everything also nice that’s why I’m always fickled!)
  • to DIY or not DIY our wedding invites
  • ideas for dulang gubahans from me to Jaz
  • to draft itinerary for event day, which is now a one-day reception
  • to start nikah at 9am or 10am!
  • to decide our honeymoon accommodation!

For our home:

  • pending cement screeding from HDB
  • to choose color for the walls
  • to buy the lights and fans
  • to partially hack the kitchen wall or not

So how, pening not? Pening kan? I don’t think these are all. Confirm some other things will creep out from my head.



3 thoughts on “// pening on the pendings

  1. Jessie Homemaker says:

    I love this because it makes me feel like I’m not the only person with these overwhelming lists! Lol! We have been debating the photo booth idea as well as If we need a bedframe, or a box spring. Lol, so many decisions that have to be made! (Ps: I’m team photo booth and bedframe)

  2. sugarfreevani11a says:

    Hi babe. Hope u dnt mind me giving my personal opinion.

    Personally i prefer no photobooth. The pelamin is where the pengantin is. Dah lawa2 can use at phototaking area. Can always rent the props n take pics there 🙂

    Theres no need for cake cos the prices are pretty steep for cake but it is a nice touch to showoff baju haha.

    Check out purple plumtree photog on fb. They do pre n post photoshoot for as low as 150. Bedframe to me is impt. Cos its like 1st bed together lol! Ikea has good and affordable options.

    For ur deco theme. Go with smthn that will help ur bajus stand out. For custom outfits haha i feel ur pain. Im just going for smthn simple and yet gorgeous. Copying frm msian designers lol!

    For gubahan just get what u guys wld need n use post wedding. Kain or baju for visitin relatives is a good idea. Shoes bag etc. Functional and most impt is smthn that represents u.

    Cards wise if u can leave it to vendor just leave it to them. Just make sure u do the qc check. Cos ull have other things u have ti micro manage.

    Nikah time wise. Factor in distance frm his place to urs cos he needs to get ready all. I drafted a 1 day timeline on my blog which ur welcome to look2 n see2 if it helps.

    Talk it through with ur fiancee. Im sure if u both come togethee n discuss can make good decisions.

    • Tash. says:

      Opinions/suggestions are very much welcome!

      Thank you so much for yours!

      I’d have to agree with most of what you mentioned. I have decided not to go for photobooth too. As for gubahan, we are keeping it minimal and simple as possible. wedding invites and gubahans also I’m trying to DIY myself. hahahah good luck to me for that.

      For now, just need to sort the itinerary with both sides je. so that everyone will be happy with it.

      thanks for your advice babe! 😉

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