#costaris // Bismillah.

About two weeks ago, Jaz and I collected our keys with a heavyheart cos my grandpa got admitted the night before.

Alhamdulillah, he has very much stabilized and can now eat soft food, and he’s looking so much healthier than before. i remember crying like a baby when I first heard the news, all the way till we had reached the A&E.

The one thing that I was praying so hard for was and still is till today, is for Allah to keep him healthy so that my grandfather – who fed me with a bottle of Milo every morning without fail till I was about nine years old – is there to witness my wedding.


So, sad story aside. Here are some happy news!

Ape lagi kan? The title of the post is pretty obvious. Come I flood your page with “some” of the photos I managed to snap on that day.


This Q-ticket shot is super cliche and has been like a tradition ever since Instagram was born, so I decided to join the norm. heheheheh.


And of course, some common, raw photos of our very first humble abode.

I was pretty shocked and super duper happy when the HDB officer informed and showed us the keys. Wanna know why?


I know, I know. You might think I’m stupid or ignorant for not knowing this, but seriously. Jaz and I had no clue that our flat comes with bedroom doors. I don’t remember being told about this when we selected our flats or at anytime during the whole BTO-process thingy. You see, let me just tell you again in case I haven’t.

Call it lucky, syukur alhamdulillah for this huge rezeki You’ve given us Ya Allah, we were first timers in this whole process and had applied it through SBF. When we saw there were available units for this development, we jumped at the opportunity and tried our luck. and we were lucky number 3 in the Q! Cos of that, we managed to secure a very very good unit(well, at least that’s what we and our families feel la)!

When we first stepped foot into the home, I got emotional. I couldn’t control my emotions already the moment Jaz started to Azan. I stood right behind him, tearing. eh touching la siol, really. not kidding you.

Ok la, time for some beauty treatment. I want to pakai my Kunyit(Turmeric) Mask.You want to know more about this mask, not? They said it is good for brides-to-be, you knoooow! hehehehhe.



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