I promise you the world, baby.

This is dedicated to my husband-to-be, because, just because he deserves it.

The things I’m about to say may sound cheesy, corny, cliche to you people, but heck. These are truly what I feel of my man.

You see, I’ve never really “date” a lot prior to my relationship with Jaz, some used to say(or still is but who cares) that I may not know men that well due to my past experiences cos I only had two exes.

Jaz is the third man, and there were times I wished he is the one and only. But hey, I wouldn’t be with him now if not for my past, right? He is the most patient and loving man, hands down. I am the fire, he’s the water. And no matter how much “shit” he has to put up with me when I’m all cranky with my childish antiques, he loves me just as much. Never lesser.
I tend to spout nonsense when I am angry, saying things like, “I don’t need you la pls, can you pls just go away?”, but this boy will be there, standing still. Not moving an inch. Kalau orang lain, da lama angkat kaki jalan. Serious. But with Jaz, he is never like that.

Throughout my three odd years of being with him, there has never been a day that when we argue, we don’t speak to each other. Our argument usually lasts for not more than an hour? Syukur Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah.

How he treats me, is how he is with his family and peers(well, almost). This boy is so dedicated and hardworking that his priorities are really just the basics – family, work, education(alhamdulillah that’s completed too now) and me(of cos have to la kan, else mampos hahah). But sometimes when I see people not appreciating his efforts and hard work, it pains me. A lot. Why? Cos when he does something, he never expects anything in return. He does everything whole-heartedly, with that much love and sincerity. But yet? That is why every time I am about to get mad at him, I think twice before blasting.

If you (yes you) take a little bit of time and put in a little bit of effort in listening to him, you’ll understand what I mean. He’s harmless. Just a man with such a sweet soul, with so much love and joy to share with everyone.

I promise you the world, baby. Bear with everything for a while longer, and in a few months’ time, we will build a family of our own. Okay? Okay.

post ni dah lama dalam drafts. Tapi tak sempat nak post-post. Sorry eh it’s not a wedding-related post. Soon k. Now tengah relek jack je cos nothing much to update pun. K bye!


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