Marriage Course

We finally got down to booking our marriage course few weeks back,
and we chose none other than – APKIM!

We’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews about it, so we decided to
book the last available English session for the year!
Phew~! Nasib stalk the page every day, else, we will have a hard time understanding.

Our Malay is … atrocious. Seriously. Setakat berbual mcm mat and minah kind of course la can,
but what if they use chimp words? Kirim salam je la k. We don’t want our money to go to a waste, and
we want to benefit from this course as much as possible, so might as well do it the right way, right?

So, the course is in September, over the weekend – both Saturday and Sunday. FULL DAYS FOR BOTH DAYS.
FISH BTOL. WEEKEND GONE. POOF! I can’t recall where it will be held, but last I remembered it’s at Arab Street?

Will write about it once we’ve completed the course k!




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