Not sure what and how to feel.
Turning a year older in a couple of days. This is the last birthday as a “single” lady. Last year I was someone’s gf, this year I’m someone’s fiancée, next year inshaallah, I will be celebrating my birthday as someone’s wife.
Jaz have been asking what I want for my birthday this year.
Usually by now I would have a “small” list of wants for my birthday.
But this year feels a bit different and odd.
I am thankful and blessed for everything Allah has bestowed me.
Good health, unconditional love, endless happiness.
I have everything I could possibly need – my family.
I don’t want anything fancy this year. I just want to have a good meal with my family, my man included.
I want to indulge in Seafood from Newton or Lagoon and get myself high with Thai Iced Tea. Hahaha.
k bye.
(long time never post anything about the wedding preps. then again, what is there to post? everything booked, liao. aiya, later i will think and come up with something la k. mwaah.)



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