Confirm plus chop!

Why I’ve been missing?

Cos I have been toooooo busy with work, as my probation period was due anytime soon(aiyo, mcm nak give birth plak). 

I have been ending work close to 7pm just to clear my emails and submit my quotations! At the same time, I was just trying to “show face” to my boss so she’s aware of how hardworking I am. padahal can continue my work at home sia. Although I know I can work from home, I try not to. Unless I have pending urgent things to clear. Apart from that, I don’t want to cultivate the habit of doing work at home. I mean, come on la, I have slogged for so many hours in the office, facing the comp every minute and you still expect me to continue that at home? KIRIM SALAM BRUDDER.

On that note, I AM OFFICIALLY A PERMANENT CONFIRMED STAFF! syukur alhamdulillah sangat-sangat.

Sorry if this isn’t a wedding update post.

soon soon, I promise.


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