The Body Shop’s Vitamin E



Recently stumbled upon these from another blogger on how to have glowy skin for your big day.

Aside from the usual have enough sleep and drink lots of water, I heard this overnight serum-in-oil works a lot, even one two months prior to your big day- it states “Replenish & recharge moisture”- so I decided to give it a try since my face can get pretty dry at times and on some bad days, I look as though I haven’t slept for weeks.

The small bottle of 28ml costs $42.90, but when I got it about a week back, they were having a 20% promotion and free membership sign-up! ape lagi. Kiasu da maiii While at it, I grabbed the eye cream as well($32.90) cos again I read amazing reviews on it.

I’ve got very terrible hereditary dark circles and no matter what cream/roll-on/oil/gel/serum all you name it, it does not work its magic on my eyes. Even the cucumber thingy is a major failure. But this eye cream from body shop has the best effects thfar. I’ve got finer, lesser visible lines at the eye area, and I thinkkkkkk the dark circles are not as bad as before. I’m not so sure yet. But I’m willing to give anything a try for as long I don’t look like I got punched in the eye. Pfft.

K da. Go try if you like. Hopefully the discount is still on eh!

And no, this is not a paid advertisement. Sharing is caring what.


5 thoughts on “The Body Shop’s Vitamin E

  1. thesixthofsix says:

    I think it’s good too. I saw the effects on my friend herself. She has dark eye circles and one day i realised they weren’t so dark anymore. In fact her undereye was much brighter. But she applied it religiously for 2 months straight. All the best babe!

    • Tash. says:

      Really??? Alamak so excited now. Hahaha I’ve been applying it almost every day also so I hope it has the same effect on me! Thank you!

  2. isyaemika says:

    need to try this! my under eye circles are crying out for some intervention. thanks for the recommendation, love!

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