Pieces that will hopefully last forever.


ImageBeen planning for months ever since I got engaged, on how my solemnization and reception dress should and will look like. Apart from finding a good tailor to make my dream dresses a successful one, finding the right design is just as tough!

I didn’t want anything too puffy or too showy, or anything that will make me look fat. I don’t want to be browsing through our wedding album and cursing myself for looking like a total mess.

Who wants that, right?

So, the first two photos are the inspired designs for my baju Akad Nikah. I especially love the second one cos of the clean simple smooth uncomplicated look, but yet has that elegant touch.

Just the perfect outfit for nikah, if you’d ask me.


The ones above, need I say more?

The colors are just too gorgeous right! My reception dress are of the above, incorporated together.

If anyone of you is thinking of asking me which tailor I ended up with to do my dresses, forget it.

I am that concerned of the final product – due to past experiences with various tailors that screws up my material and wasted my money – that my fiancé suggested and gave the ‘greenlight’ to get my dresses done by a Malaysian designer instead.

Now now, don’t get too excited ladies(hahahahah!). It’s not some Jovian’s or Innaired’s, but it’s from an upcoming(or maybe she’s already established in Malaysia, I’m not sure) young designer.

More on this another day, k?

Okay dah, go start oogling at pretty dresses and happy planning your designs too!



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