More like Magic Oil.



Ok la. Not so dramatic like what I titled this blog post.

First heard about this Bio Oil slightly more than a year ago. Everyone was raving and swearing by this that it remarkably helps you treat your scars and dry skin!

So me, being the kiasu-self as usual, got myself to try the smallest bottle I got from Mustafa(it’s about $15, if I remember correctly). I tried it on the areas that I have had scars for years. Would love to put a Before and After photo, but sorry! Tak sempat! And tak kuasa la actually.

I wouldn’t say that you’ll see results in few days, but it surely helped my stubborn scars to be-gone forever! That smallest size(it has three sizes) bottle lasted about two-three months on average of daily usage on almost my whole body. My skin feels so moisturized, not flaky and no dryness at all, most scars were almost gone and less cellulites too!

It has many uses ah, this oil. It differs from each person, but it’s definitely worth the try! This is my second large bottle already. This is definitely a keeper till I have kids!

No harm trying right? What’s $15 to you? Just don’t cab to work for one day can get this.

Good luck!


7 thoughts on “More like Magic Oil.

  1. eliblr says:

    wow… seems like it really works eh. cos i heard a lot of reviews about this too. was skeptical to try as i’ve tried a lot of brands due to my eczema condition. maybe should give this a try? hee.. but is it really oily after an application?

  2. Kayt S. says:

    Hi! Just wanna ask.. It really works for you ah?! It doesn’t really work for me lei. Did you diligently apply the oil on your scars every single day?
    The only issue I have is they are sooo oily and if I use it before I go to bed like uncomfortable like that! Heh.

    • Tash. says:

      Hahaha yea it did and it still is! I don’t really apply every single day, maybe 4-5times, once a day application. And nope, not oily to me! Jangan letak banyak sangat la babe. Maybe that’s why you feel uncomfortable.

  3. thepeningpengantin says:

    Eh so it’s really good? I was so sceptical, but i so terasa with your last line.. Cos i can everyday. And evryday i’ll still curse and swear when i calculate the ridiculous amt of money it can save me. Hahaha
    But thanks for the tip! Imma give it a try!

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