Oh, shoot!

I have placed Photography + Videography as one of the top priorities in our Wedding checklist.

In fact, Photography is the very first vendor we booked. Following this, we
had thought of booking our videographer because we then, only had one and one choice only.

Not naming who what when where, my fiancé and I are actually abit disappointed cos despite waiting(and still waiting deep down in our hearts, mind you), they still haven’t opened up slots for booking. I have been enquiring for months already, but masih tak nak bukak!

What we really are stressing about right now is videography, because
it’s the last one waiting to be booked!

After much deliberation, we have come to terms that maybe its not our Rezeki to engage them. For whatever reasons they have, they’ve lost a customer(or two, maybe). So sayang lor, please. Can actually cry one, I tell you. We can’t possibly sit around and be waiting still. Who knows even when they’ve opened for bookings, our dates are unavailable. mampos.

So, I shall not waste more precious time and move on to Plan B.

Thankfully, we have found a new videographer whom we felt has a strong chemistry with us and their works meet all of our requirements.

Appointment is still in the midst of discussion because our schedules are super duper hectic this week(more of his actually, mine is not too bad that’s why I can still keep myself occupied with this post, hehehe)!

I’m still waiting till Friday to see if our initial videographer opens for booking. Inshaallah, if ade, ade la ye.


6 thoughts on “Oh, shoot!

    • Tash. says:

      I wish I could relax, but I can’t seem to slow down! There are so many others that are getting married after me but has got everything done! Tunggu the big day je, now can shake leg already. Hahahahaha I’m very fussy so I have specific vendors only. It’s very important to secure my dates fast so I get the vendor of my choice and also before they increase their prices. Hahahahaha as much as it seems I’m stressing out, I’m pretty much psyched abt my wedding la, and of cos, enjoying every bit of the process. Don’t worry! I’m a superwoman. Chehhh

      • Nurshazy says:

        I feel u babe! When some others wedding date which are further away then us settle most of their major bookings. When we still have left bits and pieces somewhere and our wedding is getting nearer! Good luck yah for booking of ur videography! 😉

      • Tash. says:

        Yea! Pressurizing right! And annoying when you’re trying to book then kena rejected! Feeling sucks seh. Thanks babe! Good luck on your preps too!!

  1. searchfarah says:

    I think I know which videographer you are talking about and I’m in the same situation as you! Sucks that I only really like their work and currently on waiting list because the other couple before me still deciding!

    • Tash. says:

      Before that, CONGRATS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT YESTERDAY! I don’t know if your fiancé(get used to it, heheheh) still remembers me, but anyhoo, you looked so pretty! Was your makeup by Ishq?

      And abt the video, you also eh? Sucky right cos it’s taking too long and no one can really compete with his works. But how come you got waiting list? Your wedding is this year or next? Don’t mind me asking eh. Hahaha else, can drop me an email also so that I know we are on the same page. Heheh


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