Plate full of mixed emotions.

Not sure if you’re updated/paid attention to my posts, but my fiancé and I have a lot on our plates right now. He is busy completing his assignment and is in his second last semester of degree, I just started on a new career path, we are currently expecting our keys to our first home in due course(anytime from june to sept), I will be starting a one-year course sent by my company, we are finally close to booking all the major vendors for our wedding and.. and.. Ok done! Fuh! Long right?

I can foresee the next upcoming months to be full of ups and downs, traveling to and fro for appointments for the home reno, & from office to school(which is at Jurong, btw).

I feel so overwhelmed as I’m typing this. Really, I am. I should actually be busy with work because my inbox is flooded with annoying impatient emails and also my colleague thought it will be fun to throw her portfolios to me while she’s busy making love in Europe. mcm siak*&#@^!*&^!&@* Ok dah. Moving on.

Though it sounds and feels that all these is taking a toll on me, I’m taking this the positive way by thanking Allah for blessing us with all that’s been happening. I, at some point, felt that my world was crumbling and crashing, when I had to deal with a lot of negativity around me. But now, mashaallah. I have so many things to be super blessed and grateful for.

syukur alhamdulillah


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