Honey, fly me to the moon.

I have to admit. Honeymoon is one of my biggest priority and its something
we both are really looking forward to, more than anything at times.
Sometimes, when wedding preparations are stressing me out, I will divert my time researching for honeymoon instead.

Thing is, a lot has been telling me that to go for a relaxing honeymoon cos
we will be dead beat after the wedding and all we will be hoping for is plenty of rest.

Truth be told, flying to an island and just surround ourselves with the
serenity and gorgeous blue clear waters and just away from city-life is our very first initial dream holiday. Who wouldn’t want to just relax and sloth around after months of hard work and planning for a two-day once in lifetime(inshaallah) event?

Come on, are you kidding me? If you know me, I am a very very fickle-minded person. I can never ever to stick to one decision unless you can win me over with some magic. So with regards to the honeymoon, of course I have not made up my mind.

After calculating our budget for the honeymoon, it just doesn’t seem right for us to splurge that much, just to laze around. We wanted something more fulfilling, something that is worth spending on that will really have an impact and memories that say – honeymoon. And of course, to still have time to recuperate from all the energy lost from the wedding.

Plus, they all say it’s best to give Maldives a visit before it disappears for good.

Ah shit. Not helping at all.


One thought on “Honey, fly me to the moon.

  1. dijahfaizal29 says:


    Just a suggestion coz me and htb also in same position as you…we decided to to for a 3d2n or 2d1n at batam…for the expensive wonderful trip…we are going at a later date… so maybe you would want to consider a break at batam or kl first then the Maldives trip 😉

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