must exchange gifts meh?

Is it realllllyyy a must to have dulang hantarans?

i tak nak dulangs, can? it will save a few thousands tau. duit tu boleh masok honeymoon+home fund.

then, I asked my mother. and she agreed with me! she doesn’t care and said it doesn’t really matter actually! no one will really take a good look at it. photographers will just snap a couple of photos, after the nikah is done, everyone disperses and the dulangs will be kept away. Kan?

orang tetap akan mengata punye. so, pegi mampos dgn kata-kata orang. kau nak bayarkan? tak kan? so, relax brudderr, bruderr relax!

i’m seriously not trying to be selfish or stingy with money. but i’m trying to cut costs with things that really aren’t relevant at all.

yang penting, afdal and nikah is sah!

okay la, i kasi chance. kita kasi mana yang important – ring, quran+sejadah and kain. you kalau nak ps4 tu semua, birthday da boleh dapat. lagi siang beli, lagi siang you boleh main what.

fair deal?



10 thoughts on “must exchange gifts meh?

  1. Ms A says:

    Hi dear, coincidentally my fiance and I had the same discussion yesterday! Just reviewed our budgeting sheet and update on savings plan. We also thought that the barang dulang was the most unnecessary (in our opinion) though a nice-to-have. Like you said, we may just do the minimum essentials and spend more on home reno since we’re getting our home about the same time we get married. I think it’s really up to you to decide what is important kan, after all it’s your money and priorities! All the best!

    • Tash. says:

      Yea thing is, these things we can still buy even after we are married. What for nak kena splurge specifically for the wedding and tunjuk orang?(my two cents la) cos like you too, my house will be ready this year! Months before the wedding! So many things to settle for the home as well! Sigh. Inshaallah everything will go smoothly eh. Thanks babe for your opinion. Feels good I’m not alone! 😉

  2. Suri says:

    OMG! I am most prolly getting a PS4 for my fiancé. But that’s only bcs we feel that exchanging of dulangs if made up of things that are what both of you want and benefit both of you, so why not (if you have rezeki laa kan).

    We don’t mind spending on dulangs but not deco! Bcs we felt the money for deco which will be torn down is better for it to be spent on dulang which in the end we will use it for a lifetime.

    But agree, people are gonna talk so might as well have something for them to talk about.

  3. eleventhoctober says:

    just do whatever you want, sayang. no point doing things out of your own desire and will just to kasi orang lain happy and you sendiri tak happy…kita punya senang, orang nampak but kita punya susah ada orang nampak or bother to help? tarak kangggg

  4. Norah Khalilah says:

    Hey there 🙂
    Chanced upon ur blog and I couldn’t agree more! 🙂
    dulang hantaran ni semua tak perlu..yang penting Mas Kahwin..
    I actually did told my fiancé that I don really need any barang for the dulang hantaran but he thinks otherwise lor…..
    seriously, I also don care on what other’s wanna say…*high 5*
    so, we decided that for the exchange gifts maybe 3-4 dulang jer (nak jaga hati tunang nyer pasal)

    • Tash. says:

      Yay! High five! I personally think it’s just for show and waste of money(my two cents la) cos I have other priorities, I guess. Anyway, it’s not a must. Yang penting, Nikah sah. 😉 good luck dear!

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