been awhile, eh?

A lot has been happening these past couple of months. life suddenly became so hectic, so tough and difficult at some point. and it still is.

just finished arguing with my dad about the wedding expenses(which my fiance and I are forking out). the issue on photography + videography.

daddy bising giler la guise! bising cos he found out we are paying slightly more than $5k for photog+videog. alamakkkk. I have made myself very clear since the very beginning that these two are the important things I would be splurging on for my wedding. They’re gonna be my once-in-a-lifetime(inshaallah) memories that will be captured and its something I can look and show my future grandchildren!

I kept telling him that he doesn’t know the market price and such services are not cheap anymore! mana boleh compare dgn your wedding more than two decades ago ni?! I kept my cool(and anger+disappointment+frustration) the whole time he was lecturing me on what the money can be used for instead – honeymoon, home renovation.

I was gonna have my chapchye while watching MasterChef siak. Hilang selera tros. Angkat bowl, masok toilet, melalak takde bunyi.

For a good ten minutes.





4 thoughts on “been awhile, eh?

  1. thepeningpengantin says:

    Oh dear.. Please cheer up sayang! But if it makes it any better, my dad is just like yours. He gave me a lecture one night on how home n renovation is so important. My dad doesn’t even want us to splurge on honeymoon kalau boleh! But I suppose that’s fathers for you. Forever worried that we will be struggling and how we’ll survive the years to come.. Take it positively n Cheer up k babe! *hugs*

    • Tash. says:

      i knowwwwww rightttt! he kept saying niat dia baik as to why he is protesting this and that. sighhh. thank you so much for this. now i know im not alone hahahah

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