biggest investment ever.


I honestly feel that getting your own place here in Singapore would probably be the biggest investment in our entire lives! I mean, the price of a HDB can fetch me a bungalow in Malaysia!

Some two weeks back, we completed our Signing of Agreement, which means the very first deduction for our flat. 5% is already close to $24k. There were so many papers (really like banyak giler!) that my mind switched off the moment the officer asked me to sign the second round. meh.

In case you’re wondering, our first home Insha’Allah is at Costa Ris. The plot right next to Pasir Ris MRT. It is also two stops away from our current place. Iye, my fiance stays that close to me as well. Kita se-kampung! This house is seriously a blessing, I feel. We applied for it for the very first time via the Sales of Balance Flats and our queue was 3. Yes, mother-freaking 3 la sia! I was in tears when I got an email from HDB regarding our ballot number. Kecoh giler, geng. Everyone was equally shocked and happy! J and I panicked after that. Bila nak kahwin? Cukup ke duit? Dah ready ke? All those questions came bursting. Money was the biggest issue. But then again, money have always been and will always be an issue for most of us. It’s a never-ending process. There will never be enough, unless we turn into millionaires overnight. We even tried to cancel our application because we initially thought that we would need to be married before getting our keys. Thankfully, one of the managers from HDB called and explained that we could appeal to provide our marriage cert and all that blah blah blah la. What needs to be produced on the key collection day are documents to prove that we are getting married. Settle the kettle. Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly after that and now, downpayment have already been deducted from our accounts.

Pretty excited for this and the flat we selected has unblocked view and is on Level 8. Seeing our very own address for the very first time got me really hyper. It’s really just 5-mins walk from the interchange to our future home and I will still be so so near to my family.

We have a home renovation and a wedding to plan. Tentatively, the house will be ready by 3Q of 2014. Which basically means we are getting our home before our wedding(!). As much as I’m itching for my very own place(and our wedding, of course!), I pray that Allah will ease our way and guide us.

Insha’Allah, Amin.


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