How now?

Recently, my parents (okay, fine. more like my mom) has been asking me to confirm on the décor and caterer that I would want for the wedding. ARE YOU SERIOUS MOTHER? TUNANG PUN BELOM OVER. Hahahahahah. I’ve got to be honest; I am very excited especially knowing that my mom is just as excited as I am. So, it was a mission for me to narrow down the different vendors that I want. To make things easier for my parents, I initially tried to find the best under-one-roof vendor that includes décor and catering. I know this is the easiest way for my parents and myself to communicate with the vendors regarding the wedding details. But I failed. I had a few in mind like Istana Weddings, Iss Weddings, Amani Weddings and ade lagi lah yang tak ingat. However after calculating the figures, I find them a bit too costly although dad was okay with it.

Right from the beginning, I told myself, despite the fact that my parents are sponsoring these for me, I will try my hardest not to waste their money. Not waste money = buat mana yang mampu and sempurna. Then one weekend, mom came across Charisma D’Venue. She was really on giler about this vendor, venue included. Dad agreed. (Ah, men) So, I dengan semangat went to PM them on FB on the spot. Alhamdulillah. The prices they quoted me are way within budget. YAY! After reading reviews on how people were raving about their food, we pretty much had our mind set to it. Till last Monday. Dad approved of the food, but don’t want the venue. Alamak. Ah, men. Again.

After much dings and dongs, we managed to settle on one thing. Tak nak venue where Charisma’s restaurant is at. So fine. Hence, my another new mission since is to settle on a good venue with proper parking lots for guests and easily accessible by mak chicks and most importantly, find a good décor.

Then skali, earlier today, mom sent me this.



If you don’t, it’s Jentayu’s.

I told her that it’s costly if she wants this vendor. Told her the price and she’s cool with it? faint. mana nak dapat anak macam i ni? orang lain confirm dah terkinja-kinja if mak dorang ckp gitu kan? hahahah.

Soooooo, I just might have my mind set on it. Plus, they’re still available on our date.



4 thoughts on “How now?

  1. Min says:

    My dad also helping pay some things for my wedding. I yang takot. Haha. If possible don’t want them to spend so much la cause they need it for their retirement and all. But they all macam suka2 je spend. -.-

  2. eleventhoctober says:

    this dais was the first dais that i fell in love with when i first started this whole wedding planning. really nice! and since mak dah offer tu kan…….

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