Looking pretty good so far, aye?

For once, let the pictures do the talking first!





Pardon me if they’re not in order as I’m uploading them via my ipad. Too lazy right now to switch to my mac, so this will suffice.

Photos above are a combination for both sides for the gift exchange, all done by yours truly. I’ve been blessed with such a patient partner who entertains me and brings me around Singapore(not really la, more like the whole of Eastside, hahah) every weekend, sourcing out for the materials needed.

I might have mentioned this couple of times before, but who cares, I’d say it again. Our dulangs(gift trays) are DIY to save cost because we don’t feel it is necessary to splurge on things that’s going to last for less than a day. To be frank, we never had the slightest idea to have a ceremony to be engaged. Our idea was very simple. Get both families-just parents and grandparents- sit down and do the talk, and we exchange rings in their presence. That’s it fullstop. But no.

Dadi(grandma from paternal’s) heard this and went hysterical. Not literally of course. Just that, she came up with the sobbing story, wants to see me properly dressed just in case she won’t live to the age to see me getting married. Long story cut short, she wants/needs a ceremony.

Fine. Being her first Angullia grandchild, I gave in. Orang tua kan, tak baik pulak kalau tak dengar kata. J and I both gave in. So we decided, since our plan didn’t and won’t happen, let’s still keep it simple.

So tadaa~! After weeks of researching and cracking my lagging brain cells, we managed to come up with our very own trays. Not completed though. Just getting the basics done first. I promise after the event, I will share photos.

What do you think? Can do freelance? Would anyone want to hire me to do for them? Honestly, I myself am considering to this freelance to earn and save up for the wedding. I don’t know if I am the only one, but the market price for gubahans out there is seriously last warning. And the worst part is, you dont even get to keep the trays. Just for phototaking sake for that few hours event, you would have to fork out at least $250 for 10 trays.

If I really intend to go ahead with this, I would charge you BTBs with the lowest price in town(I dare to pinky promise) and I will give my utmost best to give you what you want. tapi tak macam wow giler like jentayu la kan. seakan-akan ok what? Pen down what and how you intend your dulangs to be and I will get it done as close to it for less than half of the price. But of course, I’d incorporate my ideas and creativity and my own touch.

How? Can make it or not? πŸ˜‰


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