Dream wedding

Ever since I was little, I never did envision myself having a dream wedding. Like those of how you need to have a THE wedding dress, THE wedding rock, a huge-ass ballroom decorated to your liking, etc.

I take life as it is and I learn to pick up on these girly things along the way. Not all, but some. And yet, i told myself I don’t want a dream wedding. I just don’t need it.

You know what I need? Just a life partner who is able to guide me the righteous way, to tell me off if I’m doing something wrong, someone who is a little more than a bestfriend should be.

Sure, along the way I will find something distinct that I want on my wedding, but these things are things that I can see, feel, hold and cherish for the rest of my life. Like what for example? Like my photos and videos. (that’s why we have NAF for photos). They’re the ones that hold so much memories, the ones i can rewind and watch my mom cry like a baby, my girlfriends making a speech on how great I’ve been(hahahaha), my dad telling me I’ll always be his babygirl, yadayada. But most importantly, I get to watch the part where my partner take his oath and solemnly swear to take on my dad’s responsibilities- to be my husband.

I have a few colleagues telling me the regret they have after the wedding, spending their years of saving, all gone just for that one day. Some, of course, may think it’s worth it. Sure it is, if you’re born with a silver spoon and all expenses are paid for. Or, you’re simply the carefree person with a YOLO mindset. No pun intended eh.

Have you ever thought of what comes next after your wedding? Go on a honeymoon for month, buy a house, furnish your lovenest, save up for your children? Imagine if you spend all your savings for that one-two day event, and then you need to start from scratch? Again!

I’m not writing this to act smart, or be some kind of financial planner but each time I have the urge to splurge for our wedding, I’d be thinking for another a million times- asking myself if its all going to be worth it, if its going to benefit me and my husband.

I told my parents I don’t care about the dowry (we leave it all up to J, up to him to come up with the amount), about having a huge wedding banquet at hotels or country clubs, have a dais set up by Saiful Imran or Jentayu, wedding costumes by Fatimah Mohsin, getting Pradas or Chanels or Balenciagas or Louboutins for my gift exchange, proposed with a Tiffany & Co. ring, whatever with all the high-end brands, must-haves at a wedding.

Because to be honest, we are more looking forward to building our lovenest. We spend more time discussing about interior design than.. the color theme of our wedding?

Just think about it, ladies. Is it all really worth it? If yes, good for you, it is your rezeki. If you have the same mindset as me, then high five! We will just look forward to our home/honeymoon or even both!

Psssstt, this is just my two cents worth. Not judging anyone out there, really. So calm down if you’re all worked up already!

Peace, no war


2 thoughts on “Dream wedding

  1. shidahwan says:

    Agreed! My wedding early this year was the bare minimum we could get away with. Our biggest splurge was on our catering because we both love food. All in all for a combined wedding (including hantaran + honeymoon expenditures) of 1500++ pax we spent below $30k. But I think with the choices available to btbs nowadays, I really don’t blame btbs for wanting to splurge!

    Importantly you set a budget, you stick to it no matter what. Then you wouldn’t flounder in the after wedding finances part.

    • Tash. says:

      Yes, inshaallah we will keep it minimal but yet try to get the best within our means. Whats important is after that, not just for that one day event! Congrats to u btw!

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