Have you BTBs heard of the up and coming, the crazy-talented Nuruddyn of NAF Photography? In any case you haven’t, come I’ll give you a brief summary.

For starters, here are some of my favourite shots by him:



Way too beautiful, right? Are you in awe already? I know! It was the very same reaction I had when I first stumbled upon his photos on Instagram few months back.  When I showed J his works, he was too so impressed that he didn’t even comment about him at all! (surprising cos he will always make comments about almost everything) Hence without any procrastination, NAF instantly became our #1 choice for photography(pre/post wedding, nikah and sanding), beating the rest of them, hands down!

That explains why he is the first we booked for our wedding.

Our first appointment with him was very easy. His portfolios are EERRR-MEYYY-ZIIIING!. Everything he had to explain to us regarding his photography just made us even more comfortable and enthusiastic in engaging in him. One thing we love about this guy is that he is constantly putting 1001% in the work he does, which is hard to come by these days. He is not doing it for the money, but it is his passion, his art.

So, if you BTBs want to know about his photography, here’s the link:

(he’s on Instagram too @nuruddynaf)

GOOD LUCK! And I promise, you won’t be disappointed!



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