still very much pregnant

Hello all!

I am currently on Hospitalization leave and will continue to officially start Maternity Leave next Monday, 25th Jan. Am now full term already alhamdulillah @ 37 weeks, EDD will be on CNY, 7th Feb. It’s basically waiting game now. My little bub’s at approximately 2.6kg already when we last had our checkup last week. Next checkup will be in two weeks’ time! My gynae even said it’ll be either a checkup or delivery by then! oooooommmggggg!

Please make du’a for me that I shall have a smooth and easy labour, in sha Allah. Been having sleepless nights already due to the very bad backache and frequent toilet trips, so thank goodness I’m staying put at home now. My husband and I have started to go on evening walks once in awhile, and I find myself panting and stopping every 10-15mins? There’d be tingling sensation down thereeeee, I tell you. Not sure what it exactly means. Trying my best not to google alot of nonsense. hahahah.

I have my stroller and breastpump still pending to be bought. Stroller I think we will buy after pantang? or end of the month? Breastpump pulak I’m still very confused which brand to purchase – Spectra or Medela? Any recommendations, moms?


I am not sure why, but I’ve been thinking of switching hospital since my full term is approaching.

I think because ever since I overheard my gynae’s overseas trip, that somehow got me thinking – what if he’s not in Sg to deliver my baby? Won’t I be paying his gynae fees for nothing (hefty $2.3k for his fees alone, mind you. I can go on a short trip to Bali sak) 

I’ve been researching and asking around for opinions, been discussing this with my husband (kesian every night aku hog dia with this issue cos im veryyy fickled)

I need to decide fast, this 12th will my checkup with Dr Aziz.

But my motherly instincts (chet!) are telling me I’d end up in KKH, somehow.

Any thoughts, ladies?

Week 30 // final lap

Already in my third trimester alhamdulillah, really not sure how to describe this feeling.

It’s been an interesting journey with this little miracle, feeling his kicks a little more frequent and very much stronger these days.

At this stage, the mood swings are back, a lot of emotional breakdowns. I can’t shake off the anxiety feeling – how labour and childbirth will be like.

In less than two weeks, it will be our monthly appointment with our gynae. Last appointment, Dr Aziz have told us that we will start discussing about birth plan and whatnot. WHUT.

Baby checklist is almostttt complete. Here’s what we have gotten:

  1. Crib and Mattress; delivery in early Jan
  2. Huggies Newborn Diapers
  3. Huggies’ Wet Wipes
  4. Mustela’s Vitamin Barrier Cream
  5. Burp cloths
  6. Tommee Tippee’s Sterilizer Set
  7. Mustela’s Dermo Cleansing
  8. Lots of clothing for newborns
  9. Swaddling blankets
  10. Telon Cream
  11. Wardrobe(need to get this fixed pronto!)
  12. Pupsik’s pouch baby sling
  13. Mittens and socks
  14. Cot mobile
  15. Ingenuity’s bouncer
  16. ClevaSleep Positioner

We have decided to purchase the stroller + carrier after my pantang, which means the one thing pending now – BREAST PUMP.

till the next one, ladies! 

Can you tell my baby’s gender with these?

mummy’s obsession with stripes and white onesuits! 
daddy got a little excited and cant wait to make you wear this on your cute tiny feet!

 minyak telon. actually no. it’s cream telon. i looveeee the smell of this!


Every weekend, its been non-stop shopping for our firstborn.

We wont contemplate or flick an inch when it comes to spending for our little angel, but when we want to buy something for ourselves, FUH. fikir panjang brader. funny eh.

I wanted to take a full shot of all the items we have gotten so far, but it will be too obvious with the gender. hahahah. i shall disclose during my birth story. chehhhh. scary la fikir pasal labour pain. my pain threshold is really damn damn low. menses cramp je da rabak mcm nak ape, ni childbirth lagi?!


ok, happy positive thoughts. selawat & tawakkal banyak2. 



I got a lot of pending emails regarding my reno cost. I will try my best to reply you ladies soon, Insya’Allah. I’ve been really busy with everything, and the haze is taking a toll on my health! I’ll be rightttttt back! 

Deep thoughts // Preparation 

Will it make me less of a mother if I take epidural during childbirth? 

I’m scared shitless abt childbirth. I know my pain tolerance level is very teruk. 

Ever since I found out I’m pregnant, I’ve been watching/hearing/reading labour stories and it’s not making me feel any better!